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Jaynee & Mickel’s duet

More snapshots from Amici Dance Theatre rehearsals of 35 Amici Drive

Send in The Clowns – Circus Amici’s Tightrope in rehearsal

And so it begins…

‪As the chaos ensues, Wolfgang (left) takes control … !

The end…well kind of!

Come and see us on 26/27 May 2017

The Lyric Hammersmith


A slice of Amici magic

Pictures don’t do this duet justice. But they might give you a little window into the beauty that unfolds as Gurpreet and Rosie duet in Amici Dance Theatre’s production 35 Amici Drive. We are in rehearsals at the moment, thrilled to be bringing this critically acclaimed repertoire to The Lyric Hammersmith for the second time in May 2017.

In this scene, Rosie Leak, an art student, is consoling Gurpreet Dosanjh, the resident’s association spokesperson, as his pleas to the council to save people’s homes from imminent demolition are scoffed at and rejected by ruthless developers and arrogant councillors. The duet’s intimacy and sensitivity grabs you by the heart and draws you in. I’m completely lost in its tenderness, its complexity, it’s simplicity. 

In the corner of some of the photos you can see Artistic Director Wolfgang Stange skilfully guiding the work. 

Reviewed by Luke Jennings in The Observer in 2015 with four stars, and highlighted in its top ten dance productions of the year, 35 Amici Drive is at The Lyric Hammersmith, Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 May, 2017. Not only that, but Tightrope, another piece of company repertoire (from 2010) is also being shown on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th May. This is a company first! Impossible some might say…watch our promo film to help us make the impossible, possible.

I’m now in my third year with the company and can’t imagine life without it. This duet is a slice of the company’s magic…come and breathe it in. 

35 Amici Drive

Tues 23 Evening (7.30pm)

Weds 24 Matinee (1.30pm), Evening (7.30pm)


Fri 26 Matinee (1.30pm), Evening (7.30pm)

Sat 27 Evening (7.30pm)

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