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January 2018

The seriousness of being silly

When you find yourself tightly rolled up in a yoga mat, with tinsel in your hair and holding a pair of maracas. Yes, that. Obvs.

img_6369At the Artist Exchange Programme in December 2017, Danielle Teale had laid out a wonderful jumble sale of delightful, intentional bits and pieces in the studio. Permission to play for 30 minutes was granted. This was like Christmas coming early for me. Some time into the improvisation I ended up in the photographed position. I lay there for a bit like a sausage roll, in my creative cocoon of a happy place, giggling. Someone placed a card on me, to signpost “what is the most you can possibly contribute today?” I was definitely contributing something. I am thinking about:

What does unstructured play enable?

How do we host activities that support/unleash improvisation?

How do we hold this space so that its accessible and productive for everyone?

What is the seriousness of silliness? What is the silliness of seriousness?
Photo: Olivia Norris

Cake, Communitas and Contact

Was really pleased to contribute an article to the Winter 2017/18 edition of Animated.

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